2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Handcrafted for an Exhilarating Experience

Drivers who seek thrill in their drive will bask in the exceptional performance of the from Alfa Romeo.

Its performance is brought to life with a sleek, luxurious, and aerodynamic design.

gray 2020 alfa romeo 4C Spider two-door luxury sportscar parked in front of white building with green vines

The new 4C Spider is the open-air driving of our dreams. Available carbon fiber detail accents and premium interior details make dreams come to life.

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Interior

The interior is designed with careful consideration to enhance the driving experience every time the engine roars to life.

Italian artisans have perfected the ability to give consumers the near-perfect proportions and premium materials proven to stand the test of time.

interior of a 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider sportscar with black seats and a black leather-wrapped steering wheel

To create a look that is even sportier, drivers will want to choose the available microfiber steering wheel. Inspired by the marque’s racing history, the steering wheel complements the dynamic style of the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider in a way that seems nothing short of proper while also sleek and inspiring.

Standard in the coupe is the Rear Back Up Camera that displays an image of the area behind the car within the rearview mirror. This helps drivers determine if an obstacle is in the immediate path behind the vehicle while encouraging the driver to check the mirror.

The high-end handcrafted leather seats will keep the driver and passenger supported and comfortable whether it’s on a joy ride down the coast or the not-so-routine thrilling commute to work.

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Performance

Designed for optimal performance, the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is engineered for anything.

Stronger than steel, the carbon fiber monocoque chassis has been designed to enhance the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio. It also means the vehicle is lighter than the competition.

The 6-speed manual transmission and 1.7-liter in-line engine produces 237 horsepower and 258 pounds-per-feet of torque.

Designed to responsive handling and taking corners with ease, the two-seater is more than your average sports car.

The available Akrapovic dual-mode exhaust system featuring dual, center-mounted tips surrounded in carbon fiber creates a roar in the new 4C Spider that will turn heads.

Driven by its rich racing history, the 4C Spider is equipped with thicker-than-average sway bars to limit body rolling potential — especially during race-like conditions.

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia

Among other updates made to the sports car, there is an extremely limited-edition model coming to the market for 2020.

Created in Modena, Italy the 4C Spider Italia is a limited run of only 15 vehicles. Unique to each vehicle is a progressively numbered plate on the center console.

With a mid-engine design, sportscar enthusiasts will want to get their name on the waiting list for a chance at the collectors’ item.

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