Alfa Romeo Cars in Movies

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Alfa Romeo Vehicles Appear in 7 Movies

Italian luxury auto manufacturer Alfa Romeo has created a lasting impression throughout its history, and it’s not just on the road.

It also makes a statement on the big screen.

Masterfully designed, each Alfa Romeo car is created with superior craftsmanship to create something of pure elegance and exudes higher standards. With these higher standards in mind, it’s easy to see why Hollywood has included the marque in so many movies.

Viewers tend to become wrapped up in the story line and can miss the vehicles that bring life to the scene. But Alfa Romeo vehicles don’t blend into the scenes, they define the moment and create something memorable.

Alfa Romeo on the Big Screen

While there have been quite a few moments in movie history that includes a vehicle from the Alfa Romeo lineup, let’s take a deeper look at a few of those movies and the Alfa Romeo that was featured.

The Graduate

A movie that created conversation among viewers and critiques alike, albeit a risqué conversation, the 1967 film The Graduate featured an Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider 1600 throughout the picture.

This has become, perhaps, the most famous use of an Alfa Romeo in the movies.

Starring Dustin Hoffman, the film created a celebrity of sorts for the Alfa Romeo model. Dubbed the “Spider” since its appearance, a special edition named the Alfa Graduate was available in the American market until the 1980s.

Designed by Pininfarina, the Spider is believed to be the last design that included work from Battista Farina.

The Godfather: Part I

During the 1972 classic, The Godfather: Part I, mobster Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) is found hiding in Sicily as warfare breaks out between families in New York.

While in exile, Corleone drove a black 1946 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Freccia d’Oro (Golden Arrow).

Black 1946 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 two-door car with classic Italian styling on display in an automotive museum

The rare Alfa Romeo Berlina saw an untimely demise as it was used as a booby trap in an attempt to bring down Corleone. Fans of luxury Italian vehicles grieved for more than the loss of Corleone’s wife during the scene as the beloved car was destroyed.

Post war, this was the first Alfa Romeo Berlina vehicle produced, the 2500 Freccia d’Oro was the final road model for the Alfa Romeo 6C lineup.

The Destructors

Originally called The Marseille Contract, the 1974 film featuring an Alfa Romeo Montreal was later renamed to The Destructors.

Viewers watch in anticipation as Michael Caine’s character races the Alfa Romeo Montreal through a mountainside in France.The race left viewers wanting more, but the Montreal created a scene that was more than breath taking.

Discontinued in 1977, the Alfa Romeo Montreal sported a 2.6L V8 engine that could reach a top speed of 137 mph.

Day of the Jackal

The 1973 British-French thriller Day of the Jackal follows the story of a professional assassin (codename: Jackal) in his pursuit to assassinate the President of France.

Throughout the film viewers follow along as the Jackal rents a white 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider to drive from Italy to France.

In an effort to thwart French authorities, the Jackal paints the car blue. An idea that could only be moderately successful in a movie.

The first Alfa Romeo Giulietta model was introduced at the 1954 Turin Motor Show. Designed by Franco Scaglione, it was the first of many for the Giulietta lineup.

The two-seat Giulietta Spider made its debut in 1955 and showcased bodywork and luxury styling by Pininfarina.

The success of this model eventually paved the way for the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the American market.

James Bond: Octopussy

It’s hard to talk about Alfa Romeo in James Bond movies without talking about the 1983 hit Octopussy.

Bond, played by Roger Moore, steals an Alfa Romeo GTV6 during a scene where he is in enroute to uncover an international jewel smuggling operation run by the mysterious Octopussy (Maud Adams) that was used as a cover for an attack on N.A.T.O. forces.

gray 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6 parked in driveway in front of a large red brick building and cast-iron fence

A successful racing car, the Alfa Romeo GTV6 had a chassis built for top speeds and quick handling. The 2.5L engine can be heard roaring through the streets each time it appears on screen.

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Another Alfa Romeo in a James Bond movie are the identical Alfa Romeo 159 Ti cars chasing Bond in the beginning of the 2008 movie Quantum of Solace.

Driven by henchmen in a chase around the area of Lake Garda, Italy to capture Bond (played by Daniel Craig), it was an opening scene that caught the attention of moviegoers and car enthusiasts alike.

The Alfa Romeo 159 was introduced at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show as a replacement for the 156 model, it shared the platform with the Alfa Romeo Brera and Alfa Romeo Spider.

Fast & Furious 6

Showing off its prowess and agility, the Giulietta lit up the screen in Fast & Furious 6.

The franchise has become known for chase scenes, outlandish stunts, and the cars at the center of it all. The sixth installment of that franchise is no different.

What has now become a signature stunt, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is shown disembarking from a cargo plane during takeoff.

While the model shown in the movie was modified for production, it became a source of inspiration. Alfa Romeo introduced a limited Fast & Furious edition Giulietta. So limited in fact, only six models were produced.

The Fast & Furious edition Giulietta features a numbered plaque and the dashboard was signed by the cast of the movie.

Spanning decades, filmmakers have picked the luxury Italian automaker because the Alfa Romeo lineup exudes power and sophistication. No matter the model, Alfa Romeo leaves a lasting impression, even if the appearance is a mere glimpse.